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Wool & Fleece Rugs are excellent horse wear to keep horses warm during the winter. These rugs are also made for utmost protection, as well as comfort. These horse rugs are not only warmer, but have great wicking qualities.

Apart from this, horse Rugs made from Wool fabric are great for use as show rugs. These horse wears feel dense and soft. Currently, wool is known as one of the best fibers for making rugs since it is both strong, resilient, and vibrant. Thus, wool rugs are not only effective, but also long-lasting. They offer great insulation by helping retain warm air inside. While this is a perfect show rug, this can still be used as an under rug to add an extra layer of warmth during colder nights. And although these are designed to keep the horse warm, they are also able to keep bugs away, thereby ensuring that the horse will not be stressed from bug bites and that infections are also avoided.

Fleece Rugs are more flexible; thus, they are ideal for use on different situations and occasions. Normally, these are used as light rugs for the stable. However, there are occasions when these are used as alternative for cooler rugs. Nevertheless, these rugs are designed to provide protection during draughts and cold. Fleece horse rugs are breathable, thin, and lightweight. These are ideal for drawing moisture away from the horse after an exercise.

Wool & Fleece Rugs are both strong and efficient horse wear. Depending on the materials used, such as plastic and metal fittings, these rugs can be used for a very long time. In addition to metal and plastic fittings, there rugs are stitched using premium-grade thread. This strong material, along with exceptional workmanship and advanced manufacturing tools and equipment, ensure that all its parts stay firmly in place, thereby allowing the rug to maintain its shape for a long time.

Winter Rugs Australia

Capriole Equestrian provides an easy access to an entire range of premium-grade Wool & Fleece Rugs. Our horse wears are made from high quality fabric and are fitted with premium-grade plastic and metal fittings. These materials were crafted using time-tested manufacturing techniques and advanced manufacturing tools and equipment to ensure only the best for our customers. Apart from durability, each product was designed for the protection and comfort of the horse. Each of our winter horse rugs were also made to so that they are easy to use and take off.

Our extensive range of winter rugs are also available in different sizes, so that we can assure that you can find a product that will perfectly fit your horse. We also have winter rugs in different colors and style that will fit your taste. With Capriole Equestrian, shopping online for premium-grade horse wears and accessories has always been easy.