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Flag & Airflow Rugs are designed to be the perfect solution to prevent Queensland itch, which is usually due to a horse’s hypersensitivity to midges’ bites. Queensland itch is a big problem for horse owners in Australia. They stress out the horse and the bites may even lead to other more pressing health issues. Flies are also another problem, which is also among the features of these horse rugs.

Flag & Airflow Horse Rugs are perfect for providing protection from direct sunlight and heat. But although these are designed to provide comfort and protection during summer seasons, these horse rugs can also be used as additional layer during colder seasons.

Flag & Airflow summer sheets come as a rug, neck combo, hood combo and separate hood. Each of these summer sheets are made from the finest materials using top of the line manufacturing equipment and superb workmanship. These are made from top-of-the-line Polyester and Poly-cotton fabric, which is known as the best fabric used for making flag rugs. These are breathable material that allows air to flow freely inside the rugs while keeping out the midges and flies.

Flag & Airflow Rugs are tear-resistant and are fashioned to be abrasion resistant as well. The fabric is weaved firmly so that the rugs do not move or come apart. For added durability and to ensure that they last for longer periods of time, these are also made using the highest quality plastic metal and fittings along with a solid brass chest buckles.

Flag & Airflow summer sheets are designed for utmost comfort, which the manufacturer made sure by using a 210 Gsm poly-cotton fabric, as well as the fittings and buckle are light. A soft 70D lining at the shoulders and mane was also added to ensure that rubbing is prevented, thereby ensuring utmost comfort when worn by the horse for a long time. These are stitch using core spun poly cotton thread and are machine washable.

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Capriole Equestrian houses a wide selection of summer rugs from Eco Ripstop Rugs, as well as other such as Deluxe Ripstop Rugs, Flag & Airflow Rugs and cotton show sets. Capriole Summer rugs are recognized and trusted by many professionals in the industry. Check out our selection of premium quality summer rugs, which were developed using top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment and time-proven techniques to provide utmost protection from warmer climate and pesky flies. Our stock of summer sheets will also help keep your horse clean, dry, and comfortable.