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Waterproof Canvas Rugs are 100% waterproof horse wears, which makes them the most ideal rugs for keeping the horse dry during rainy days. These horse rugs make a great horse wear after a bath, so as to keep the horse dry and clean at all times. But aside from keeping the horse dry and clean, there are other features that make these canvas rugs among the most ideal horse wear.

Waterproof Canvas Horse Rugs are also made of materials that allow it to have great insulation, which means that these rugs can keep the horse warm during winter. This makes this rug ideal for keeping the horse healthy, since it keeps the horse’s body heat on the proper level.

Waterproof Canvas Rugs commonly have different thickness, which affect their weight. While lighter canvas rugs are lighter, they are also more susceptible to water penetration than their thicker counterpart. So, it is best to use a heavier canvas during rainy days. In addition, heavier canvases are also stronger and more durable.

Waterproof Canvas Horse Rugs, especially those that offer 100% waterproof features, are stitched using premium-grade thread. However, stitching often creates holes, through which water can penetrate. To prevent this issue, canvas rugs are either wax coated or immersion forced (Dyna proofed). Some are also immersion treated, where the rug is submerged in waterproofing agent. The thread is stitched using advanced machinery and excellent craftmanship to ensure that all parts stay firmly in place. Aside from ensuring waterproofing feature, this also allows the rug to maintain its shape for a long time.

Waterproof Canvas Rugs, even though they are not designed for hot conditions, can still provide adequate protection from direct sunlight. These horse wears make use of high-quality fabric that allows air to pass through but prevents UV rays and water from penetrating. This ensures that the horse remains healthy no matter the weather condition.

Waterproof Canvas Horse Rugs are either lined or unlined. Unlined rugs are great for warmer days and cooler nights. Nevertheless, they have a higher chance of moisture transfer during heavy rains because of the difference between them and the horse’s body heat. On the other hand, Lined Canvas Rugs are able to create a buffer that traps the moisture.

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