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Summer Horse Rugs are a type of horse wear designed to keep horses comfortable during the summer heat. These are made to protect a horse from heat and sunlight. Technically, these horse rugs are made to meet the horse’s requirements during warmer seasons.

Summer Rugs are also able to keep the horse clean after a bath or show. Some are even able to repel or resist water, so you won’t have to worry about your horse getting wet during rainy days. Some summer sheets are even ideal to use as travel rugs and stable rugs. At some point, these may even be used as an added layer during cooler months.

Summer horse rugs, aside from comfort and UV protection, are also able to protect horses from insects. During summer or hotter seasons, flies and midges also thrive. These flying insects can be a nuisance, not only for the horse. Their bite not only brings stress to the horse but may also carry viruses thereby endangering the horse.

Summer sheets offer many different styles, most of which have been designed for the protection of horses. Some even have full belly panel, so that even the underside of the horse is protected from flies and midges.

Summer rugs, also known as summer sheets, are made from durable fabric that is scratch and tear resistant. One of the most common types of fabric that’s used for making summer rugs is Polyester Rip-stop fabric. This is woven fabric that makes use of a special cross hatch reinforcing technique, which makes the fabric tear and rip resistant. It is a lightweight material, which helps ensure that the summer rugs are comfortable for the horse to wear over a long period of time.

Summer horse rugs, especially those found at Capriole Equestrian are fitted with premium quality metal and plastic fittings to ensure that they will always stay in its place. These high-quality fittings and fabric also make sure that the summer sheets are durable and can last a long time without needing repairs. The summer rugs are light and do not put strain on the horse. These are often woven so that they don’t come apart or move. Some are fitted with soft lining located on the shoulders and mane so as to prevent rubbing.

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Capriole Equestrian houses a wide selection of summer rugs for horses ranging from our Eco Ripstop Rugs, Deluxe Ripstop Rugs, Flag & Airflow Rugs, Airflow and show sets. Capriole Summer rugs are recognized and trusted by many professionals in the industry. Check out our selection of premium quality summer rugs, which were developed using top-of-the-line manufacturing equipment and time-proven techniques to provide utmost protection from warmer climate and pesky flies. Our stock of summer sheets will also help keep your horse clean, dry, and comfortable.