About Us

The Capriole Equestrian brand was started back in 2005 when the two founding members came together with a common goal - to make good quality rugs at an affordable price. Capriole rugs have been based on Australian patterns that were designed over 25 years of experiance in manufacturing horse rugs. Our rugs are made specifcaly to cope with the unique and harsh Aussi conditions, over the years the Capriole brand has become known and loved for it high quality products and great customer serive.  

In 2009 moving with the market trends, Capriole decided to explore the growing online market and setup its eBay store – capriolehorseThe eBay store opened to a great response and soon became one of the top rated sellers of horse rugs on eBay. Encouraged by this success, a website was setup to sell Capriole rugs online direct to customers.