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Winter Rugs are the perfect horse wears to shield and protect your horse against the cold weather. These horse rugs are especially designed to keep a horse comfortable and protected during winter. These make use of high-quality materials to ensure that they can provide ample warmth to the horse under cooler weather. These horse rugs are often lightweight so as not to impede the horse’s movement, thereby ensuring that the horse is not stressed. There are different varieties of horse rugs for winter.

Winter Wool Rugs are made using wool fabric and are best used as a show rug. They are also ideal as under rugs or as extra layer of warmth during extremely cold days. Winter waterproof Turnout Rugs are the best horse wear to keep your horse clean and dry during rainy days. Thus, they can be the perfect horse rugs after a show or bath. Some waterproof horse rugs are made from synthetic ripstop fabric, while other are made from canvas fabric.

Winter rugs can also provide protection against bugs, which are the major irritant for horses in Australia. These rugs help protect horses from bites and potential infections. Although they were designed for colder seasons, these rugs can also provide adequate UV protection. What’s great about these rugs is that the materials used are premium quality, so they are able to go beyond what they were originally designed for. In cases when the sun is up and bright during winter season, you are assured that your horse is protected from direct sunlight.

Winter Horse Rugs come in different colors, styles, and designs. Winter Horse Rug Combos normally provide full body protection – from the horse’s neck to its dock and tail. Some combos are able to provide protection from the horse’s head to its tail. A winter rug, on the other hand, provides protection from the withers to the horse’s dock and tail. The horse neck rug is designed to keep the mane and the entire neck in tiptop condition. Lastly, the horse hood is designed to provide protection from the withers to the horse’s entire head.

Winter Rugs Australia

Capriole Equestrian provides an easy access to an entire range of premium-grade winter horse rugs. Our Wool & Fleece Rugs, Waterproof Synthetic Rugs, and Waterproof Canvas Rugs are made from high quality fabric and are fitted with premium-grade plastic and metal fittings. These materials were crafted using time-tested manufacturing techniques and advanced manufacturing tools and equipment to ensure only the best for our customers. Apart from durability, each product was designed for the protection and comfort of the horse. Each of our winter horse rugs were also made to so that they are easy to use and take off.

Our extensive range of winter rugs are also available in different sizes, so that we can assure that you can find a product that will perfectly fit your horse. We also have winter rugs in different colors and style that will fit your taste. With Capriole Equestrian, shopping online for premium-grade horse wears and accessories has always been easy.