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Show Sets

Show Sets are horse wear sets that are mainly used during shows. These come in different styles, colors and sizes, all perfectly designed to ensure that the horse stands out. These horse wears can be mixed and matched, but the common goal is to capture the attention of people and judges. To make your horse stand out during competitions and shows. Nevertheless, its purpose should not end with just looking good.

Horse Show Sets are able provide adequate protection before and after the show. Many of these horse wears are made to repel dust and water, thus keeping the horse clean at all times. These are also able to protect the horse against direct sunlight, therefore, even if there isn’t enough shade for your horse before the show, you are assured that the horse’s outer layers (skin, mane, hair, and tail) are in top condition.

Show Sets are also designed to keep flies, midges, and other insects away from the horse. There is nothing worse than watching a horse with too many flies flying around it. Keeping flies and insects away and ensures that the horse is relaxed and stress-free before, during and after the show. Aside from the different viruses and bacteria carried by flies and midges, stress is also one of the most common reasons why horses become ill. Using these horse wears will help ensure that your horse is always in tip-top condition.

Equestrian Show Sets make use of high-quality materials to be able to offer the best features. Premium Drill Cotton Fabric is one of the best fabrics in the market that’s often used for show sets. This fabric is highly durable but looks aesthetically pleasing. For a show horse owner, there is nothing more embarrassing that a horse wearing a show set that’s falling apart. So, highly durable thread and excellent stitching techniques are also used to ensure all parts stay in place and that the horse wear always stay intact.

Show Sets also offer comfort. Horses get stressed when they are unable to move freely. Therefore, these sets are designed to give the horse extra freedom of movement. Plastic and metal fittings used for these horse wears are not only durable, but also light. On top of this, the fabric and overall design of the show sets allow superb airflow. This means that these are able to keep the horses cool during summer and warm during winter or colder seasons.

Capriole Equestrian Show Sets Australia

Capriole Equestrian houses the best show sets in Australia. Our show sets are designed to help your horse stand out from the rest during shows. Capriole Show Sets are one of the most preferred and trusted brands by many professionals in the industry. Take a look at our line of premium quality horse show sets, which were developed using high-end fabric and fittings, utilizing exemplary workmanship and technologically tested manufacturing equipment and tools, to help make your horse look great while providing utmost protection and comfort.