Love every item purchased

Author: Shirley Sprenger  Date Posted:17 June 2022 

To date I have purchased 3 rainsheet combos (the star ones) and 1 doona rug. I love these rugs and so do my horses. They are hard wearing and long lasting. You really do get what you pay for. My oldest 1 is as I type in getting 1 new chest strap where my mare tore it off after 4 years of trying. The doona (stable) rug is in use for the first time. I brought it to go under a rainsheet for my thin skinned SH who shivers easily. It has  a Velcro chest closure and 2 belly straps and no leg straps. Given that he is padlocked I was concerned that it would end up wrecked, but nope. The shape and fit is precise and it hasn't moved in 3 weeks of use. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality and fit of these rugs. I order online and delivery is prompt and to date has been free for each purchase I have made. I will continue to replace all of my rugs as each one gives up the ghost with Capriole. They just work and essentially they save me money by not replacing as often or repairing from the first season of use. 

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