Titan Ripstop Cotton Hood Combo

Titan Ripstop Cotton Hood Combo is a horse wear set that comes with horse rug and summer hood. It is a high-grade summer horse wear from Capriole Equestrian that was made using time-tested manufacturing equipment and exemplary workmanship. This two-piece horse wear was designed to provide full protection to the horse against direct sunlight. It even comes with ear covers so that even the horse’s ears are protected from sunlight. It is also the perfect horse rug combo to protect the horse from summer heat. It’s designed to allow air to flow freely inside, thereby keeping the horse cool at all times.

Titan Ripstop Cotton Hood Combo can be used as additional layer during winter or colder seasons. This horse wear was made to perform impeccably under any environmental condition. This Capriole Equestrian horse wear combo is also designed to keep flies, midges, and all sorts of insects away from the horse. Thus, preventing any bacteria and viruses from afflicting the horse. This product is also water resistant and dust repellant, which makes it the perfect horse wear for keeping the horse clean after a show or a bath. This horse wear truly is a great value for money.

Titan Ripstop Cotton Hood Combo was made using 310 Gsm Poly-cotton Rip-stop fabric, a material that’s known for comfort and durability. High-quality metal fittings such as solid brass chest buckle and heavy-duty leg strap clips were also fitted to the premium-quality rip or tear resistant fabric to add durability to the product. In addition, a long-lasting and durable core spun Poly-cotton thread was also used to ensure that all parts stay firmly in place even after plenty of use.

Titan Ripstop Cotton Hood Combo also features a throat strap that adds protection and safety. It also features a generous neck size which allows the horse to move freely, plus a soft 70D lining was also added at the mane and shoulders to prevent rubbing. These features make sure that the horse will be comfortable and relaxed every time it’s wearing the combo set.

Titan Ripstop Cotton Hood Combo was also pre-stitched with tail bag Velcro fitting. we also ensured that the product would look pleasing, which is why the high-quality fabric contains classic Red and Navy check design. It also comes with a matching binding. This horse wear is perfect as a paddock rug or a stable rug. But it can also be used as under rugs during cooler seasons. This Capriole Equestrian Summer Rug is also machine washable to help make cleaning faster and stress-free.

Rug Features:

  • 310 Gsm Rip-stop Poly-cotton fabric, in a classic Red & Navy Blue Design.
  • Soft 70D Lining at the shoulders and mane to prevent rubbing.
  • Bound with a matching binding.
  • Generous hood size with quality plastic fittings.
  • Ear covers and throat strap for extra protection. 
  • Quality metal fittings used for extra durability.
  • Pre-stitched Tailbag Velcro fitting.
  • Stitched using a core spun Poly-cotton Thread.
  • Machine washable. 

Deluxe Ripstop Rugs Australia

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By: on 12 June 2020
Good product

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